Dr. Gábor Kozma’s Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences thesis

On Monday 25 June 2018, Dr. Gábor Kozma, Head of Department (Department of Social Geography and Regional Development Planning, University of Debrecen), defended his academic doctorate thesis. The public discussion took place in the Reading Room of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The title of the DSc thesis, and also of the presentation, was “Social geographical study of modern functions on post-industrial settlements”. The presented evaluations and the professional debate following the presentation concluded that an important majority of the theses represented new scientific contribution to knowledge. The professional committee, chaired by Academician Rezső Mészáros, also highly appreciated the scientific contributions and products presented by Dr. Gábor Kozma’s researches formerly concentrating on settlement marketing and the activities of local governments, and focusing mainly on the aspects of sports geography in the past decade. Considering all of that, the scientific committee supported awarding the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences title to Dr. Gábor Kozma. The event was attended by a significant part of the representatives of social geography, including a delegation of more than 20 colleagues from the Institute of Geography (University of Debrecen).